The icon reacts to the images of Erling Haaland and Pep Guardiola

The icon reacts to the images of Erling Haaland and Pep Guardiola

He struck with two goals in the derby crush against Manchester United.

But it was other than the goal that drew eyes in Erling Haaland’s direction after Manchester City’s victory.

– It’s just a play, it’s theatre, says Roy Keane.

History repeated itself again.

The Norwegian goal machine was behind another great victory for his team, this time against the worst rival.

But not everyone was entirely happy with what went on at Old Trafford on Sunday, apart from the home supporters that is.

In the television broadcast, the icon Roy Keane reacted to the images when Pep Guardiola and Haaland stood talking on the sidelines for a long time after the final whistle.

– It’s just a play, it’s theatre. You can talk about it in the locker room. What is the matter really?, he said in Sky Sports according to the Manchester Evening News .

– It was a nice header, but you don’t have to talk about it on the pitch for five minutes. Go down the player tunnel and celebrate your victory.

Among other things, there must have been a couple of saves by opposing goalkeeper André Onana that the duo discussed and gestured around.

– It was an incredible save before the break… and a good save in the second half when he took it with his head. But it is what it is, we won so I don’t care, said the star striker in a television interview after the match according to VG .

The great goalkeeper reacts to Guardiola and Haaland’s relationship
Pep Guardiola:

– There was a good chance there in the last minute of the second half when Onana saved. I felt he hadn’t needed to nod so forcefully. He should have just steered it. But Erling is a machine. He scored two goals and it could have been four. He is incredible. We become confident with him, of course I am satisfied.

Old great goalkeeper David James also reacted to that exact situation. It must be significant for their relationship.

– He fits in perfectly when it is a coach who expects perfection. He is a phenomenal player. He has the opportunity to score a hat-trick, but still plays through to Phil Foden to make it 3–0. It shows that he is a team player. He is not only United’s nightmare, but everyone’s nightmare, he says and concludes:

– The only thing I want to say to him is: don’t get frustrated if things go against a bit. Football is fun, he is fit and has a long career ahead of him. There will be days when he is not his best self or performing as he would like. But don’t get stressed, he says.


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