Diogo Jota’s nice gesture to Luis Díaz

Diogo Jota’s nice gesture to Luis Díaz
Published 29 Oct 2023 at 15:53,updated at 16.56

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Jota held up Díaz’s shirt.

Luis Diaz.

Diogo Jota broke the clean sheet for Liverpool against Nottingham Forest.

Then he showed his support to teammate Luis Diaz.

Darwin Nunez fired the shot and Matt Turner in goal released the rebound to Diogo Jota who could easily make it 1-0 in the 31st minute.

After the goal, Jota ran towards the players’ bench to get a match shirt with Luis Diaz’s name on the back. The goalscorer held his shirt up in the air.

Luis Diaz was missing from Liverpool in Sunday’s game against Nottingham. The star’s parents were kidnapped in Colombia on Saturday. On Sunday, the mother had been released.

“Never experienced that before”
Later in the day, The Sun reports that the police released the father, at the same time several media reports that police in Colombia are offering a reward for any tips about the kidnapping of the father.

– We obviously needed to make a late change because of the private situation Lus is going through, says Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp, according to the BBC .

– It was quite a tough night. I have never experienced anything like this before. It was an experience I didn’t need.

Darwin Nunez extended Liverpool’s lead later in the first half.

Mohamed Salah made it 3–0 in the 77th. That was also the end result.


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