TV4’s coup against Janne Andersson – in the middle of the broadcast

TV4’s coup against Janne Andersson – in the middle of the broadcast

Janne Andersson was a guest on the program “Hellenius hörna” on Sunday.

Then TV4 staged a coup against the national team captain – in the middle of the broadcast.

– I can sit there and look as stupid as I want, said Janne Andersson to David Hellenius.

On the second of October, Janne Andersson announced that he would resign from his position as national team captain if Sweden missed the 2024 European Championship.

With two EC qualifying matches left, that was the case, and during Sunday’s episode of “Hellenius hörna” Janne Andersson was a guest in the television studio. The meeting with David Hellenius was the first time that Janne sat down for a longer television interview after the announcement of his employment.

During the program, he looked back on his time as national team captain and reflected, among other things, on his big winner’s skull.

– Then I could bull myself to death, Janne Andersson told the program.

– I have gotten better. I used to be miserable. I don’t like to lose, I guess that’s why I’ve been doing this for as many years as I have.

Janne has two daughters, and in the program the national team captain admitted that they never got to win against him as children when the family played board games. Not once during his entire upbringing, according to Andersson himself.

– Now I have four grandchildren, so now I’m going to take care of the next generation, he said jokingly.

Janne Andersson: “It’s my horror”
During the program, Janne Andersson told that he often sits at home and watches the entertainment program “På spåret”. He said that he was very good at home on the couch, but that the idea of ​​actually participating was something that scared him.

– My horror is being asked about “On track”. Because what I can do I’m good at, but I’m totally inept at most things. I am so narrow in my knowledge that I can sit there and look as stupid as I want.

– If I were to be asked, my sense of competition tells me that it would have been difficult to say no, because it is so awesome. But I think it’s significantly easier at home on the couch.

And then what he feared happened.

During the episode, Kristian Luuk and Fredrik Lindström, presenters and judges in “På spåret”, appeared in the TV box with a question:

Where are we going?

Janne correctly guessed his hometown Halmstad and escaped the humiliation he feared. Whether there will be any future participation in the program remains to be seen.

Janne Andersson’s squad plays, with no chance of advancement, the penultimate EC qualifying match against Azerbaijan on 16 November.


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