The pictures of Jackson Schop’s arms make the followers amazed

The pictures of Jackson Schop’s arms make the followers amazed

The world is already stunned by the American 23-year-old.

So what’s behind the photos of gym phenomenon Jackson Schop?

– If I were to amputate my arm, there could be other problems, he says in an Instagram video.

The reactions have been many and so have the articles about him.

On Instagram, he has also gathered over 100,000 followers in a short time after the special pictures of Jackson Schop’s arms were spread around the world.

Namely, the right arm is apparently much, much larger than the left, with suspiciously much more muscle mass.

But why?

The explanation behind the gym pictures
Well, Schop is paralyzed in his left arm. This after he was involved in a snowmobile accident, which he told about on his Instagram account earlier this year. After he was sedated, he simply had no function left in his arm.

– I was involved in a snowmobile accident in 2022. I was thrown into a tree and damaged some nerves. It sucks, but there are those who have it worse. I try to accept it and get better every day, he says in a video, says Schop.

“I accept it”
At the same time, among other things, the shoulder has continued to function fully and in a video he answered the following to the question about why he chose not to amputate the arm.

– The shoulder works, but not the rest of the arm. Then I’ll see what the future holds. It’s not a problem right away. But it could be a problem for my spine. So we’ll see. And if I were to amputate it, other problems could arise. But now I accept it. So I don’t see why I have to go back to the hospital, have surgery and then try to build myself up in the gym again.

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