Stjärnan Paff: “Now he’s all of a sudden passionate about Hammarby”

Stjärnan Paff: “Now he’s all of a sudden passionate about Hammarby”

Simon Strand clapped his heart in a gesture of love to Hammarby and also managed the victory song with the fans after the victory against Elfsborg.

Former teammate Per Frick did not appreciate that.

– He probably wants to provoke. Now he is suddenly passionate about Hammarby, says the striker.

– Of course I’m passionate about my club, Hammarby is my team, counters Strand.

Hammarby won the match against Elfsborg 1-0.

When Simon Strand, who spent four seasons in the Borås club before signing for Bajen last spring, was replaced with a few minutes left, he clapped his hand to his heart as a declaration of love for his new club.

When the final whistle sounded and Hammarby’s players celebrated with the fans, it was Strand who managed the victory song with the megaphone in hand – which was noted by former teammate Per Frick.

– Now he is suddenly passionate about Hammarby. He claps his heart and so on. We spent four years together in Elfsborg and I joked with him that he has quickly changed colors in four months now. No, but Simon loves football and he will probably be a little influenced by the atmosphere. It’s just great that he’s enjoying himself, says Frick and then comments on Strand’s celebration with the fans.

– He wants to provoke and he will probably get shit in Borås for that.

Worried about the risk of injury: “Could be a broken leg”
Strand was also in the center after just over an hour played when he came late into a duel with Elfsborg’s goalkeeper Hákon Rafn Valdimarsson.

It all happened near the Elfsborgs bench and the then replaced Per Frick (who was forced to leave due to injury) flew up in anger.

– It was so clear all the way that our goalkeeper would come first. With that speed and a little lack of flow, it could be a knee or a broken leg…

– It’s a bit typical Simon, but I like it at the same time. I’d rather see him slap me or vice versa than our goalkeeper.

You were quickly up from the bench after the tackle. What did you and Simon say to each other?

– It felt like there could be a lot of trouble there… It got heated, but I don’t remember what was said.

The counterattack from Strand: “He seems to have stayed with you for a long time”
Simon Strand laughs when he hears everything that Per Frick told after the match.

– He seems to have been with you here for a long time. He seems to have said a lot of things.

How do you see what he said that you have suddenly become a hammer villager and are so passionate about them?

– Of course, always. Of course I am passionate about the club I play for. I always give one hundred percent.

– Kissing the chest is another five, but beating the chest? Of course I’m passionate about my club, Hammarby is my team. This atmosphere that is here… I meet people in town every day who are really nice. Of course you get a love for them.

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