Sebastian Ohlsson injured again – replaced in tears

Sebastian Ohlsson injured again – replaced in tears

It was only ten minutes of play for Sebastian Ohlsson.

The blue-white star injured himself again – and left the pitch in tears.

– He will be investigated in the next few days, says press manager Marcus Modéer.

Sebastian Ohlsson has had an injury-riddled season.

After the successful start last spring, he missed six games in the Allsvenskan.

In July he made a comeback and against Djurgården he got the chance in the starting eleven. But it was only ten minutes of play at Gamla Ullevi.

The star was forced to come out with a new injury.

Ohlsson left the pitch in tears and sorrow. He was patted down by team captain Marcus Berg.

The message: “He will be investigated”
After the match, Blåvitt’s press manager Marcus Modéer left a message about Ohlsson.

– He lands and feels pain. He tests and tries but it is not enough to continue. Now he will be examined in the next few days, the pain must go down first. There is no forecast to come up with at the moment, he says.

New signing Astrit Selmani was full of sympathy for his teammate after the match.

– It is clear that it is difficult. I know the season he’s had. It is clear that it hurt one. You don’t want to see anyone get hurt. It hurts to see him like that, we need him.

Even the match hero Marcus Berg was worried about his teammate.

– It doesn’t feel like it’s very positive when he feels that pain and you see how devastated he is, but hopefully he’ll be back as soon as possible. I really hope the season isn’t over for him because he’s been doing great since coming in after the last injury. But we’ll have to wait and see.

IFK Göteborg won the match 2–1 after a late decision by Marcus Berg

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