Sebastian Eriksson on the strange pictures – compared to Marcelo

Sebastian Eriksson on the strange pictures – compared to Marcelo

Sebastian Eriksson, 34, got the chance at left-back and was compared to brass legend Marcelo by his coach afterwards.

But the veteran also believed he had injured teammate Abnor Mucolli in connection with a serious push during the goal celebration.

– He was lying there like a stung pig, says Eriksson with a smile.

Abnor Mucolli suffered a cramp in the second half but was able to play on. Shortly thereafter, he stayed in front and scored 1-1 from close range when IFK Göteborg beat Djurgården 2-1.

The celebration in front of the home crowd went wild. Sebastian Eriksson got so excited that he knocked over his teammate in the middle of a shot of joy.

– And then the cramps came back, haha. But it was over quickly, we had to score another goal, says Mucolli.

What did Eriksson say to you when you were lying down?

– “Come back up!”

The 34-year-old, the left-back for the day, says this about the situation:

– I saw that Mackan (Berg) was going to give them the fight when the ball came and I screamed like hell for Mucolli to go into the box because I knew the ball was going to get there. Finally he took a few quick steps and pounded it up – then I was so damn happy I put him in the middle of his jump so he got a fit. I was a little afraid that he had pulled the rear or something, because he was lying like a stung pig. It would have been nice to hurt him in the goal celebration, haha.

“That’s why it’s worth living”
Sebastian Eriksson emphasizes the importance of three points against Djurgården.

– If you look at the table… an incredibly important victory. Great to be able to stand here and be happy and proud for once. Today we managed to get up and we did it in a fantastic way. I’m proud and happy for all the players and leaders and not least for all the bastards who come here for each other’s damn match and who all too often have to go home disappointed. They get a lovely Sunday before they have to get up to work tomorrow.

At the press conference after the match, Eriksson was praised by coach Jens Askou.

– A Swedish Marcelo in top form!

The main character looks a little surprised when he hears what the Dane said.

– I don’t know what he means by that actually, haha. But it feels like I made an okay effort anyway and it was crowned by us winning. And that Mackan scored 2-1, there is actually a certain symbolism there.

Eriksson has seen a lot of games from the sidelines recently. But in Oscar Wendt’s absence there was a gap at the back.

– In periods I sit on the bench and there are always some others who have to play, new acquisitions have to play and young people have to play. It bubbles in the body when you just want to get in, and today it was as fun to play as it has always been. That’s still why it’s worth living, it’s for these damn games, he says.

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