Responding to criticism: “I’m not lazy at all”

Responding to criticism: “I’m not lazy at all”

Anders Trondsen, 28, was a prestigious signing before the season.

But lately he has not even been given a place in Blåvitt’s match squad and the future is uncertain.

– I’ve learned that people say I’m lazy, but I’m not, says the Norwegian.

Expressen has previously reported that IFK Göteborg, according to our information, wants to get rid of Trondsen, Suleiman Abdullahi and Eman Markovic for next season unless the situation changes. High salaries combined with little playing time means the club is reviewing the matter.

After the loss against Sirius last time, technical director Ola Larsson said that number one for him is to have players who really want to be at the club and that that question would be asked of the aforementioned trio.

Left back/midfielder Anders Trondsen is clear when Expressen meets him after a training session at Kamratgården.

– If I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t have gone to IFK in the first place. What Ola said can stand for him. If it’s up to me, I want to stay here, but of course we have to review the situation. I’m not happy about not being in the squad. I think I’m good enough to be there and want to start every game, says the 28-year-old, who has a contract until the summer of 2026.

– I give one hundred percent in training and in the second team matches. And I train extra on my own. And it’s going well – I’m in great shape and I’ve been working out regularly for two months now.

“Can’t lie down and laugh”
What do you think it is because you get to sit in the stands?

– The only thing I know is that I have been good in training and good in the U21 match against Skövde with a goal and an assist. I got very good feedback from the coach after that match. That’s all I can say. I don’t know the reason why I’m not there, but I can’t lie down and laugh about it, I just have to keep fighting.

Haven’t they said anything?

– No. The only thing I can do is deliver in training, in the U21 matches and training matches and I think I have done that. As I said, I have received positive feedback after those matches. I’m game, I can say that. I’m constantly working to get in the best possible shape, but it’s not up to me to take the team out. At the same time, it is a great opportunity to be able to train a little extra now as well.

Have you not spoken to Ola Larsson about the situation?

– Not much, I haven’t heard much. But I know they are happy with the matches I played anyway, that’s the only thing I know.

“Good old Anders”
Anders Trondsen came to IFK Gothenburg from Turkish big club Trabzonspor ahead of 2023 after a couple of injury-riddled seasons. He pulled the cruciate ligament in September 2020 and since then it has been about various consequential injuries. This year too, there have been some physical problems that have put a damper on things. There have been three starts and seven appearances in the Allsvenskan so far – and he has picked up two red cards which resulted in suspensions.

When you haven’t played for a long time, it’s normal to go on little things here and there. That’s just the way it is, you can name many players who pulled the cruciate ligament and then had to struggle a lot the first year after. That’s the year I get now.

In IFK Gothenburg’s reserve team meeting with BK Häcken last week (3-2 after three goals by Eman Markovic, who is also out in the cold), Anders Trondsen played his first 90-minute match in two years.

– And it went very well. The body responds well and it feels good. You can see the positive in it. I’m starting to get closer to good old Anders again

He says that he has learned that people say he is lazy.

– But try to be injured for two years and then come back and be able to do as much as you did two years ago… it takes some time and every time I start to get in shape I have had a small setback, but now I have said trained very well for two months.

Are you lazy?

– No, I don’t want to say that. Ask all the coaches in Norway. I train extra, but I’m not one to necessarily do extra right after training, but I can go for a walk in the evening. It’s nice to be here when there aren’t so many people. Me and Eman (Markovic) have been practicing a lot extra.

“I’m like a solar cell”
IFK Göteborg’s players got four days off during the national team break. Anders Trondsen took the opportunity to take a detour to Italy for some relaxation and warmth.

– I’m like a solar cell, I need sun.

And then you live in Gothenburg of all places.

– Haha, yes… but I enjoy myself here.

On Monday, IFK Värnamo awaits away from home and then Trondsen hopes that he will get a place in the match squad again. IFK Göteborg still has not secured Allsvenskan play in 2024.

– An extremely important match for us. We must be prepared for it to be tough from start to finish.


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