Pontus Jansson does not want to answer the question: “Don’t want to jinx”

Pontus Jansson is an outspoken player.

But there’s one thing he doesn’t want to talk about: The risk of being suspended.

– I don’t want to jinx anything, he says.

Pontus Jansson was suspended two games before the national team break due to a dispute with a doping control officer. But the MFF captain risks missing more games before the end of the season.

He stands on two warnings. A yellow card against BK Häcken means he misses the last match against Elfsborg.

He prefers not to talk about how he himself sees the situation.

– Nothing to discuss, he says with a small smile.

Do you think anything about it, or?

– No, he answers quickly and briefly before adding:

– Maybe a little.

Don’t want to jinx anything
At the same time, he admits that it is there in the back of his mind.

– You have to be smart, of course. But it should be solvable. I said earlier this week that I don’t want to talk about it. Now you ask questions and I will be polite enough to answer them. But it’s not something I think about, to be honest. I don’t want to jinx anything. Hopefully I can make it.

Jansson has previously told about all the routines he had before matches. The superstition made him unable to stop it and the risk of jinxing something is what makes him not want to talk about it.

– I think it is unnecessary to spend energy on it, but it is a little like that, he says and continues:

– I also don’t know who we have as referee in the next match, that they will read it and so on… I have my history this year.

You’re afraid they’ll give you a yellow card then?

– I do not know. We’ll see, it’s just unnecessary to talk about it.

Do you take it a little cautiously?

– No, you can judge that for yourself. My goal is not to be suspended until the last game. So one match left

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