Noah Eile “helped” Malmö FF in the golden battle

Noah Eile "helped" Malmö FF in the golden battle
Noah Eile “helped” Malmö FF in the golden battle

Malmö FF will not have to face several Häcken players next week.

Noah Eile takes credit for that.

– I hope they pay me a small bonus for that, he says.

At the same time that MFF won 1–0 against IFK Norrköping, BK Häcken lost against Mjällby and are out of the gold fight. One of the scorers for Mjällby was the loaned MFF player Noah Eile.

– Since we won twice against Malmö this year, I owed them this, he says.

Henrik Rydström has pointed out several times during the season that he has no idea how things are going in the other games, but at the press conference he had a firm grasp on that game.

Because they said so in Discovery, I was in the studio, he says with a smile and continues:

– Otherwise I wouldn’t have known so much. Then it was Eile who scored, we had ordered that. So that was good.

Eile takes the credit
In addition, Häcken went on warnings which mean that key players Mikael Rygaard and Romeo Amane are suspended. This means that the team may have a midfield crisis as Simon Gustafsson missed Sunday’s game due to injury.

Sören Rieks sees the fact that Rygaard is suspended as positive for himself.

– He has scored a lot of points, always involved in their game and dangerous in front of the box. So it’s only a plus that he’s not there, says the Dane.

Eile thinks Malmö FF should thank him because the midfielders are suspended for the next round.

– Now I fixed a few yellow cards on Häckenspelare here who will be suspended. I hope they pay me a little bonus for it.

Were you involved in any of the yellow cards?

– No, I’ll take the credit anyway, says Eile, who has a favorite in the gold battle:

– I think Malmö will win the gold.

Disappointed Rygaard
Mikael Rygaard was disappointed after the loss and predicts a difficult challenge for his team with several midfielders away against MFF.

– It will be tough, of course, but then others will get the chance. You lose a little chemistry in the team, but we have a whole week to prepare for the match, so hopefully it will be good, he says.

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