Johan Croneman’s criticism of the SVT profiles: “Embarrassing

Johan Croneman’s criticism of the SVT profiles: “Embarrassing

SVT’s sports profiles Dusan Umicevic and Chris Härenstam shocked Skansen when they appeared on Tuesday’s sing-along.

The performance is now being criticized by DN’s Johan Croneman.

“It was both embarrassing and sad to see,” writes Croneman

It was in Tuesday’s “Allsång på skansen” that SVT’s sports profiles Dusan Umicevic and Chris Härenstam made their entrance on stage.

The duo paid tribute to Peter Gerhardsson’s WC national team and sang Markoolio’s classic “Mera mål” in front of, among others, Janne Andersson.

Chris Härenstam said that he did not hesitate when the chance to sing came.

– I didn’t even think for a second, I just answered “one hundred percent”. When I realized that I was going to rap, I had to start training, he told the choir leader Pernilla Wahlgren.

“They’re loitering around”
But the performance was not appreciated by everyone.

Dagens Nyheter’s longtime television critic Johan Croneman criticizes the SVT profiles.

“Thank you for the music, SVT-sporten. Chris Härenstam and Dusan Umicevic were singing leaders at Skansen this week, and they may have been there as private individuals, but if I had been their manager I would have either prevented them or given them a real stretch. It was one of the most embarrassing performances of the year. Is there no Crystal for that?”, he writes in DN.

Croneman continues:

“Why do television sports journalists always have to play entertainers in various contexts? There are many of us who hate to see and hear TV sports journalists and commentators acting as cheerleaders in various broadcasts, now they are loitering around on the Allsångsscenen as well and embarrassing the whole corps. It was both embarrassing, as I said, and downright sad to see.”

The SVT profile’s response
Dusan Umicevic, who primarily works with SVT’s hockey broadcasts, takes Croneman’s criticism in stride.

“I think that will be up to him. It’s his job to think and if you’re a public figure, you have to put up with the game. I think we invited ourselves and would do it again every day of the week, now that I’ve learned to rap too,” writes Umicevic in a text message to Expressen.

Chris Härenstam has declined to comment.


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