Joel Asoro: “My family and I didn’t want to go there”

Joel Asoro: “My family and I didn’t want to go there”

There was no move to Turkish Caykur Rizespor.

Now Joel Asoro tells why.

– My family and I didn’t want to go there, he says

At the beginning of August, Expressen could reveal that Djurgården IF had received an offer for Joel Asoro. It came from Turkish Caykur Rizespor and was worth around twelve million kroner.

However, no transfer took place – despite the clubs reaching an agreement. In the end, Joel Asoro himself said no.

– It was nothing for me or my family. I’m here and try to do the best I can in every game. Show people that I really want to, he says.

What was it about Turkey that didn’t feel right?

– I have nothing against the country, it is a great country. I just felt that it’s not the right step for me if I’m going to get anywhere. The right place for me to develop my football.

And that was entirely your decision? The clubs agreed?

– It was pretty much my decision. But it wasn’t something I wanted.

When asked if there is or has been any other foreign interest during the summer, Asoro says:

– There is a little interest, but nothing concrete at the moment. I haven’t put too much focus on it because I’ve wanted to focus on the matches here.

What do you think of the rest of the transfer window?

– We just have to step up as a team. I don’t think much about what to do. Then you can always sit down and talk, but that’s not something I feel right now.

– I am also happy to be in Djurgården. It also matters. Home in Sweden.

Joel Asoro: “Can’t find many words”
On Sunday, Joel Asoro started for Djurgården’s IF away to IFK Göteborg. The match ended with a 2–1 loss – after Djurgården IF lost a 1–0 lead.

– Pretty empty for me. We lead 1-0 and lose. I don’t know what we’re doing, then. There is not much to say, says Asoro.

What do you feel then?

– It is frustrated. We have some situations where we can easily make it 2-0 or 2-1 at least. We don’t take advantage of our chances.

– I can’t find many words about this match. I understand that all the supporters were sad.

Another player who has been rumored away from Djurgården IF during the summer is Carlos Moros Gracia. According to information to Expressen, Danish side Lyngby is showing interest in the centre-back.

Sports manager Bosse Andersson has confirmed contact. Moros Gracia is more reserved.

– I hear many things, but what I know is that I am here, he says.

Do you think something will happen before the window closes?

– We’ll see.

– I am a really bad person for the media! I don’t say anything.

Moros Gracia smirks.

Do you want to leave Djurgården IF this summer?

– I know I want to go home tonight. And tomorrow is training.

Carlos Moros Gracia has had limited playing time during his time in Djurgården IF. He sat on the bench during the entire meeting with IFK Gothenburg.

– Of course I’m not the happiest. Everyone wants to play, but at the end of the day we are 20 players and the coaches have to make decisions. My responsibility is to work and be ready, he says.


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