Free streaming – that’s how it works

Free streaming – that’s how it works

Many of us have several streaming services and in the long run it can be quite expensive. But there are ways to stream your favorite shows and movies absolutely free. Here we tell you how to do it.

Hand on heart. How much money do you pay every month for different streaming services? And how many do you actually use? Maybe you signed up to a service to watch a particular series and now it just costs unnecessary money.

At a time when many of us are reviewing our costs, it may be good to know that it is actually possible to stream TV for free.

With the Pluto TV service, you can watch both live TV and on demand without expensive monthly fees, and millions of users have already discovered the benefits of free streaming.

The service is free for users as Pluto TV is ad-supported, which means you get short commercial breaks.

This is what you get
With Pluto TV, you get access to 150 channels and thousands of movies and series, whenever you want. The range is wide with everything from reality, drama, crime, sports, content for children to documentaries and entertainment. You easily navigate between the different categories and you can choose to see what is popular right now or check out your favorite series. You will find both news and series that take you back to the 90s and give you a nostalgia trip. Among other things, you can watch all ten seasons of “Beverly Hills 90210” or watch the new program “Buying a house blindly” with Carin da Silva as host.

This is how the service works
As with all other streaming channels, you can watch movies and series on demand, but you can also watch live via the live channels. You can therefore watch linearly or on demand.

You don’t need to create an account or get a subscription, you can start using the service whenever you want. Do you like reality, crime or documentaries? Find old favorites and discover new TV shows and series through the different categories.

When you open Pluto TV, you will be taken directly to the on demand section. You can stream via your browser or download the Pluto TV app which works for Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung and LG devices.

5 questions about Pluto TV
1. Which channels can I watch?

Pluto TV has around 150 channels where many channels are actually TV programs shown linearly. Some examples of channels are Paw Patrol, South Park, Lyxfällan and the own film channels Pluto TV Film, Pluto TV Action and Pluto TV Kultfilmer. You can watch Pluto TV 24/7.

2. Is it really legal to stream for free?

Yes, thanks to the ad revenue, it’s completely free and legal for you to stream via Pluto TV.

3. Do I have to have a login?

No, you do not need to create an account to use Pluto TV. However, you can choose to register an account and log in to be able to sync your favorites and playlists across all your devices.

4. Is the advertising shown suitable for children?

If you watch live channels aimed at children, the commercials are adjusted accordingly.

5. What is required to use Pluto TV?

You need internet to stream from Pluto TV.


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