Elvira Öberg’s response to hunting criticism: “Don’t understand”

Elvira Öberg’s response to hunting criticism: “Don’t understand”

Elvira Öberg’s response to hunting criticism: “Don’t understand”
Published 30 Oct 2023 at 15:36,updated at 17.46

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Elvira Öberg


Elvira Öberg, 24, posted a picture of a dead bird after a hunt.

It caused the followers to react strongly.

– I show what I like, says the biathlon star.

Next weekend is the Swedish premiere for the national biathlon team. According to tradition, it is Idre that invites to the season’s first competition on snow, but already now all the biathletes are in place for a joint camp before the premiere.

Before that, the riders had some time off.

Then Elvira Öberg chose to go to the mountains to replenish her energy before winter is seriously here.

The Swedish biathlete took the opportunity to hunt together with his father Tomas Öberg. Afterwards, she chose to publish a picture of herself holding her dead prey while the rifle rests in the other arm.

It caused several of her followers on Instagram to react strongly.

– I knew that I would probably get varying reactions to this picture, says Elvira Öberg.

“Showing off what I like”
She explains further.

– Not everyone understands that culture, or not the culture that way, but hunting and outdoor life are foreign to quite a few. So I was somehow still prepared for the fact that there won’t be only positive reactions.

She has not chosen to answer some of those who chose to express their displeasure about the star posting a picture of a dead animal.

– I see Instagram as a forum where I show off what I do and like.

You weren’t surprised, in other words?

– No, and it’s not like I want to take down the post because of that.

However, the tone of some comments meant that Elvira Öberg was forced to act.

– I have had to remove some comments, or I wanted to because I also have a responsibility.


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